About Kinopanorama Widescreen

The Kinopanorama Widescreen Preservation Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in New South Wales, Australia, in 2011.

We are the custodians of equipment, films, soundtracks and printed memorabilia, each of which relate to the Soviet-designed Kinopanorama film format, which was re-launched in Australia in November, 1993, with the production of The Bounty, a short-subject infotainment film shot in New South Wales.

Additional information about the Association may be sourced on the following sites: www.facebook.com/Kinopanorama and tumblr http://kinopanoramawidescreen.tumblr.com

The KINOPANORAMA name is © and ™ by K W P A, and may not be reproduced by any third-party for any purpose whatsoever without the express permission of the Association. The stylised KINOPANORAMA ® logo [USPTO 86529562] is used to market various Goods and Services offered by the Association. Refer to our Facebook webpage for particulars.

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